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  • Gaston vol. 13 VO Collection - 1973

Gaston vol. 13 VO Collection - 1973

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Marsu Productions

Numbered edition Yes
Limited edition Yes
Number of copies 2200 copies
Height 43 cm
Width 30 cm


Gaston 1973 French VO collection, entirely FACSIMILE!

Continuing its triumphant reprint of Gaston Lagaffe?s (Gomer Goof) complete career, the VO
collection reaches the year 1973. Back in the office, Gaston keeps being a strain on his
colleagues? nerves. As for agent Longtarin (Sargeant Longsnoot), he seems to become more and
more a whipping boy for the blunderer who nearly neglects Prunelle, his usual victim.

More than ever, the abominable office man devotes his inventive genius to the service of his
laziness while displaying an undisputable sportsmanship, a taste for invention that remains intact
and a love for animals as overwhelming as ever.

So, everything seems normal (well, you see what we mean?) in this madhouse (so Prunelle says),
but something is going on in Franquin?s mind. After more than 30 years of a continuous and
seemingly limitless production, this Titan of sketching will progressively enter a period of semi-

From 1974 onwards, his production will become more episodic and soon, each return of Gaston
will be an exceptional event in the life of the Journal de Spirou. Looking at the maestria Franquin
displays, one can only remain speechless in front of the level of perfection he has reached.

More than ever, it is time to rediscover with a new eye those timeless gags that have made
millions of readers of all ages burst into laughter. As if they?d just been sketched there, in front of
you, by a mischievous and perfectionist Franquin.

Open the door to Gaston?s incredible universe through exceptional documents that shed new light
on the genesis of Franquin?s corpus. A multifaceted work of an infinite richness.

Volume?s strong points:

? Entirely facsimile material

? Presentation respecting the chronology

? Art pages reproduced in large size

? Original size

? In order to properly render their splendour, each and every gag has been re-scanned from the
original art

? Unpublished material selected and commented by Dugomier, an expert on Gaston and Franquin


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