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  • Deluxe edition -  Johan and Peewit - The Cursed Country

Deluxe edition - Johan and Peewit - The Cursed Country

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Technical informations


Johan & Peewit




Deluxe Editions


Golden Creek Studio

Numbered edition No
Limited edition Yes
Number of copies 495 copies
Height 45 cm
Width 33 cm


The Smurfs have left such a lasting impression on their readers that it's easy to forget their
first appearance wasn't in their original story. In fact, these little blue beings were created
for a story in the Johan and Peewit series. This duo also enjoyed great success. Their
series has become a classic of Franco-Belgian comics. The two heroes complement each
other perfectly, forming a stable and funny tandem at the heart of epic adventures.

Johan is a tall, dark-haired young man with a big heart, full of kindness
and courage. He helps anyone in need. He is a young squire who dreams of becoming a
knight to test his intelligence, generosity, and skills in swordsmanship and archery. While
the first stories only feature Johan, he is soon joined by Peewit, a foil that the public
welcomes with great enthusiasm. Initially planned for a single appearance, the character
eventually becomes Johan's faithful companion.

Peewit is
smaller and weaker than his companion. He is also much less courageous. And although
he remains a faithful friend to Johan, he often reluctantly follows him on adventures that
are as thrilling as they are dangerous. In "The Cursed Country", Peewit must once again
follow Johan, crossing deserts and forests to save the Smurf people, or at least
understand what this "Smurf who smurfs the smurf" is.

superb story available in a deluxe edition on Collector BD! Find all your favorite characters
in a story magnificently written and illustrated by Peyo.

edition of 495 copies.


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