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  • The Sorcerer Muganga (Tintin)

The Sorcerer Muganga (Tintin)

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Galerie de personnages

Numbered edition No
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Material Resin
Height 1,2 cm


Muganga is a sorcerer within the Babaorum tribe. He is respected by his all tribe and a man of
wisdom. Until some Belgium journalist comes into the picture. As soon as Tintin enters the tribe,
Muganga feels that he might lose his position to this white man. As
Tintin discovers the tribe and help them with the newest
European technologies and his occidental culture, everyone sees him as a sorcerer who might be
even more powerful than Muganga. The sorcerer then decides
that he has to take his revenge on Tintin. That is when he gets associated with Tom (another
antagonist from this album). He tries many times to take his
revenge, yet fails at every occasion. Until one moment when Muganga gets saved by Tintin from a
boa attack. After that, Muganga can only stop his attempts of

The sorcerer Muganga is portrayed in his usual uniform : a piece of leopard skin around his waist
and a saucepan on his head which gives a foolish dimension to
the character. As he is reciting some kind of mystical song, you can see him making strange
moves that shows perfectly how atypical this character is. He is one
of the few characters who appeared once but stayed in the minds of the readers for their
excentricity and originality. Muganga is particularly known within the
numerous characters who have appeared in the album "Tintin in the Congo". On the 24th page
of this album, you can see the sorcerer for the very first time.
On this page, he is already complaining about Tintin and his influence on the Babaorum tribe.

The album of the Adventures of Tintin is still one of the most famous ones. It was first published in
a time of colonisation. This, it had to be changed in various
ways in order to be published again in the 1970s as this period was more about independence and
decolonisation. Yet, this album is still marked by stereotypes
of a time when Europe had very little idea of what Africa really looked like.

Check out this great 12-centimeters-high Muganga figure, made from resin. And add this figurine
to your collection thanks to Collector BD.


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