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  • Figurine - Pixi Mini - The flute with Six Smurfs

Figurine - Pixi Mini - The flute with Six Smurfs

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Technical informations


Johan & Peewit








PEYO : Johan & Pirlouit

Numbered edition Yes
Limited edition Yes
Number of copies 300 copies
Certificate of authenticity Yes
Material Metal
Height 31 cm
Width 37 cm
Year 2016


Peewit found a flute which has the power of making the people listening to its melody dance until they pass out, but Torchesac robs it from him. In order to get it back, Johan and Peewit ask for the help of the wizard Homnibus and the Smurfs, who crafted this magic flute. It is in fact in this story that the Smurfs appeared for the first time.


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