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Legal notices

1) Status and credits
The website ("the Site") is managed by MEDIATOON LICENSING, simplified joint-stock company certified under French law with a capital of €100 000, registered on the Paris Trade and Business Registry under the number B 504 055 294, with headquarters located at 15-27 rue Moussorgski, 75018 PARIS (France).

Site editorial manager: Stéphanie GAUTIER

Site host: MEDIACTIVE.

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2) Privacy policy
2.1 Privacy policy
According to the terms outlined in the law of January 6 1978, amended in the law of August 6 2004, entitled "Informatique et Libertés" (Data Protection Act), the management of personal data in the context of website usage was the subject of a declaration by the CNIL (French National Commission of Data Protection) (declaration n° 1868240).

2.2 Right of access and rectification
The User's Personal information and data are subject to automated processing. Such information is required for account functionalities and for placing orders. Information is stored on the Site's host server and in the databases of the Company's technical partners.

Personal data provided by the User on creating a user account may be shared with other companies within the Média Participations group, to which MEDIATOON LICENSING belongs, as well as with MEDIATOON LICENSING business partners, under the condition that the User has expressly given permission to do so by ticking the box proposing said option.

Using "opt-in" tick boxes, MEDIATOON LICENSING may obtain the User's permission for the Company to use any and all of their electronic communication details (email address) in marketing operations and also to share said information with their partners for use in their respective commercial operations.

If the User chooses not to tick said boxes, MEDIATOON LICENSING shall use personal electronic communication details only for the purpose of the business relationship between the User and MEDIATOON LICENSING.

According to the terms outlined in the law of January 6 1978, amended in the law of August 6 2004, entitled "Informatique et Libertés" (Data Protection Act), the User has the right to access this information and, if necessary, to rectify and delete information.

If the User wishes to invoke this right, they can make a request, indicating their surname, first name, and address. The User can contact the Company by email using the following address:

The User can contact the company by post using the following address: :
15-27 rue Moussorgski
75 018 PARIS

According to current legislation and regulation, MEDIATOON LICENSING may retain any information regarding electronic communications.


3) Intellectual property
All Site content, whether it be graphic features or technical aspects, is subject to copyright protection, intellectual property rights, and patent rights

MEDIATOON LICENSING is the sole holder of the intellectual property and exploitation rights of all graphic and technical aspects featured in the Site content. Thereby, any reproduction, exploitation, diffusion, or usage, be it full or in part, of any Site content whatsoever, be it graphic, visual, sound, or technical (software), is strictly forbidden under all circumstances and exposes the person responsible to criminal prosecution.

Any link to the Site is strictly forbidden without first acquiring written agreement from MEDIATOON LICENSING and must be withdrawn if MEDIATOON LICENSING so requests.


4) Copyrights
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