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  • Special Edition - Spirou vol. 8 VO Collection

Special Edition - Spirou vol. 8 VO Collection

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Jidéhem Franquin GREG


Deluxe Editions


Marsu Productions

Numbered edition Yes
Limited edition Yes
Height 40 cm
Width 33 cm


An exotic adventure for Spirou, Fantasio and the Count of Champignac. Franquin, assisted by Jidéhem and by Greg for the script, offers us a change of scene and exotism in China, all under the humorous influence of the G.A.G.!

1958. A few weeks ago, Franquin moved his workshop to the rue du Brésil, joined by Jidéhem to whom Franquin entrusted the artwork for Gaston and who had already done the backgrounds to ?La peur au bout du fil?, a Spirou and Fantasio short story. Armed with Greg?s script, they are ready to get into a long adventure in the "James Bond" vein that will take Spirou and Fantasio to the Valley of the Buddhas.

The Version Originale collection displays Franquin?s pages in facsimile published in their original size. A work done with two hands (both Franquin and Jidéhem?s right hands), one can see the virtuosity of the strokes, the construction of the pencil sketching, the retouchings with a razor blade or the lines erased with gouache. A way to immerse oneself in the work of a creator. The backgrounds play a really important part in this book: from the park of Champignac Castle to the harbour of Shanghai, up to the battlefield tanks duel, this adventure holds thousands of details.


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