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Figurine - Gaston and the elastic swing

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Gomer Goof








FRANQUIN : Gaston série N°3

Numbered edition Yes
Limited edition Yes
Number of copies 750 copies
Certificate of authenticity Yes
Material Metal
Height 18 cm
Width 30,5 cm
Year 2005


Gaston is one of those rare people who actually acts on every idea that pops into his brain. In fact, sometimes it's hard to believe he even has a brain!
Who would ever even think of replacing the ropes on a swing with elasticated cords? Well, everyone! But who would actually be stupid enough to try? Well, Gaston...
Fantasio tries his best to dissuade him, but in vain. And how do you think this little experiment turned out? As a collectible miniature!
For this Pixi special series, Fantasio has swapped his red scarf for a spectacular scarlet bow tie.


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