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  • Gaston starting out
  • Gaston starting out
  • Gaston starting out
  • Gaston starting out
  • Gaston starting out
  • Gaston starting out

Gaston starting out

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Technical informations


Gomer Goof








Pascal Rodier

Numbered edition Yes
Limited edition Yes
Number of copies 200 copies
Certificate of authenticity Yes
Material Resin
Height 30 cm
Width 12 cm
Year 2011


A suit that's slightly too tight across the shoulders, an uncomfortable tie around your neck, a
sudden feeling that your shoes are 3 sizes too small and that a little drop of cold water is trickling
down your back? Sound familiar? Of course! That first ever job interview! Well, you're not the only
one: our friend Gaston has been there too! The day that André Franquin first drew that gangly
oddball, little did he imagine that he'd go on to have such a brilliant career. Although, "brilliant" is
perhaps not the best word for it... Endless blunders, zero hope of promotion, the systematic loss or
destruction of every important document that falls into his hands: in this, Gaston excels. Though
he might not exactly be covered in glory, it is our great pleasure to present this statuette in honor
of this wonderful character, who came as if by magic, and perhaps with little thought of the
consequences, from Franquin's imagination. We hope he'll find his way onto the desks of HR the
world over, or maybe even into the pockets jobseekers in need of a mascot.


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