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  • Zoro Ikigai Figurine - Tsume
  • Zoro Ikigai Figurine - Tsume
  • Zoro Ikigai Figurine - Tsume
  • Zoro Ikigai Figurine - Tsume

Zoro Ikigai Figurine - Tsume

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Technical informations




Oda (Eiichirō)





Numbered edition Yes
Limited edition Yes
Number of copies 6500 copies
Certificate of authenticity Yes
Material Resin
Height 28 cm
Width 36 cm


Roronoa Zoro, the right-hand man of the future Pirate King, is the first character to join
Tsume's new Ikigai line!

Tsume wanted to continue the success and quality of
their HQS figures in a more affordable and, above all, more uniform format. Indeed, the
specificity of Ikigai resides in its base, which all have the same dimensions. Tsume's goal
was to bring uniformity to its collection, allowing both storage optimisation and mixing of
worlds in complete conformity.

In his outfit specific to the Wano arc, you
can see a determined Zoro ready to cut down his prey. This figure exudes a strong
dynamism, particularly through the posture of the green-haired swordsman: leaning on a
Japanese Tori, Zoro charges towards his enemy, his two katanas Kitetsu and Shusui in

Limited edition of 6500 numbered copies with a certificate of


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