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  • Zabuza & Haku (Naruto) - HQS Collection
  • Zabuza & Haku (Naruto) - HQS Collection
  • Zabuza & Haku (Naruto) - HQS Collection
  • Zabuza & Haku (Naruto) - HQS Collection
  • Zabuza & Haku (Naruto) - HQS Collection
  • Zabuza & Haku (Naruto) - HQS Collection
  • Zabuza & Haku (Naruto) - HQS Collection
  • Zabuza & Haku (Naruto) - HQS Collection
  • Zabuza & Haku (Naruto) - HQS Collection
  • Zabuza & Haku (Naruto) - HQS Collection
  • Zabuza & Haku (Naruto) - HQS Collection

Zabuza & Haku (Naruto) - HQS Collection

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Technical informations




Masashi Kishimoto





Numbered edition Yes
Limited edition Yes
Certificate of authenticity Yes
Height 47 cm
Width 33 cm
Made in France


The deadly duo formed by Zabuza and Haku from the Village of the Rain is
formidable. Using techniques unique to the Village of Kiri and the Yuki clan, the two ninjas
became mercenaries and strove daily to escape the Kiri soldiers who wanted them dead.

This HQS statue by Tsume highlights the powerful bond between the two ninjas.
Having just become an orphan, Haku was taken in by Zabuza, and although it was to
transform him into a weapon due to his skill with ice manipulation, it led to young Haku's
devotion to the one who gave him purpose and utility. Both having a water-nature chakra,
the two mercenaries combine their strength to defeat their enemies.

The demon
of the mist in the foreground brandishes his gigantic legendary sword Kubikiribôchô,
known as the Head Cleaver, above his head. His face, half-hidden in bandages, leaves no
doubt about his strength and determination. His forehead protector bearing the symbol of
the Hidden Rain Village recalls his former affiliation with the Seven Swordsmen of the
Mist. His posture is that of a ruthless killer ready to strike down his opponent with his
sword or summon the Water Dragon to drown his prey. Behind him stands Haku, the
young man who has his back and follows him blindly. Holding his mask, to hide his
identity, in one hand and senbons—long steel needles used by ninjas to immobilize,
injure, or kill their target by aiming at their vital points—in the other, this formidable fighter
is ready to do anything to defend the person most important to him. Possessing the
Hyôton, a kekkei genkai that allows him to manipulate ice, this orphan of the Yuki clan
masters the Demonic Ice Mirrors seen in the figurine. Determined and ready to do
anything to protect his mentor, for whom he will ultimately give his life, this young boy with
an androgynous face is prepared to use his ice technique to create mirrors and trap the

Despite the tragic fate of the duo who perish after their confrontation with
Team 7, this statue reflects the emotions of the two ninjas and moves the heart by
recalling Zabuza's last wish after avenging the child he had taken in. He acknowledged
the bond that united them, much stronger than that of master and student, earning pity
from Kakashi and Naruto.


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