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  • Jiraya : One Last Heartbeat (Naruto) - HQS Collection
  • Jiraya : One Last Heartbeat (Naruto) - HQS Collection
  • Jiraya : One Last Heartbeat (Naruto) - HQS Collection
  • Jiraya : One Last Heartbeat (Naruto) - HQS Collection
  • Jiraya : One Last Heartbeat (Naruto) - HQS Collection
  • Jiraya : One Last Heartbeat (Naruto) - HQS Collection

Jiraya : One Last Heartbeat (Naruto) - HQS Collection

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Technical informations




Masashi Kishimoto





Numbered edition No
Limited edition No
Height 59,5 cm
Width 55,7 cm


This impressive sculpture showcases one of the most memorable moments in Naruto:
The Jiraiya's death scene.

During this battle, which took place in Ame, the village
of the Land of Rain, Jiraiya faces the various avatars of Pain, the leader of the Akatsuki.
During this fight, he uncovers the secret of Pain. He recognizes among the avatars
Yahiko, one of his former students who had lost his life. He wonders how Yahiko can still
be alive and, more importantly, how he obtained the dōjutsu Rinnegan: the purple eyes
with concentric circles that offer immense power.

Indeed, these eyes belonged to
Nagato, another of his students. Eventually, Jiraiya realizes that Nagato controls the
avatars (ninja corpses) remotely using metal piercings that serve as chakra transmitters
and receivers. Unfortunately, Jiraiya was never able to share his discovery with the others
as he found himself pierced by spears.

In a final burst of courage, inspired by
Naruto's determination, he manages to carve the following words on Fukasaku's back: "He
does not really exist" before falling into the village lake and sinking. His last thought is to
finding a title for his last book, "The Tale of Naruto Uzumaki."

This figurine shows
the precise moment when Jiraiya writes the coded message for Naruto. While spears are
planted in his back, he uses chakra to carve his message. Fukasaku screams in pain but
is determined to fulfill his mission. Above them, five Pain avatars ( Yahiko in the middle) try
to stop him and finish him off for good.

All five are dressed in their characteristic
Akatsuki cloaks, black with red clouds, referencing the "wars that made it rain red on the
Village of Rain." The lake's waves seem ready to engulf Jiraiya as he lives his last

The statue is the product of a pushed reflexion on both colors and
material to achieve an image as similar as possible to the manga.

Limited edition
of 2750 numbered copies with a certificate of authenticity.



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